Alchemy Billing, LLC.


By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you get a full-time bookkeeper on a part-time budget.

  1. BulletWith Alchemy Billing Services you have all the convenience of out-sourcing your bookkeeping. We maintain a well-trained and dedicated staff. Listed below are just a few of the issues your company can avoid by using Alchemy Billing services:

  1. Bullet Employee Training Costs

  2. Bullet Human Resource Issues

  3. Bullet Additional Payroll Taxes

  4. Bullet Holiday/Vacation Pay

  1. Bullet With Alchemy Billing you also have the efficiency of in-house bookkeeping. All the data remains on your system, so that you retain control. We use modern office communication technology, such as Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Remote Desktop, to provide responsive and personal service.

How it works:

You and your staff would be responsible for:

  1. 1.Scanning of supporting documents

  2. 2.Document retrieval and storage

We offer (included but not limited to):

         Accounts Payable:

  1. 1.Purchase Orders

  2. 2.Inventory

  3. 3.Track and Pay Bills

         Accounts Receivable:

  1. 1.Create Invoices

  2. 2.Create Statements

  3. 3.Receive Payments

  4. 4.Create Receipts


  1. 1.Process time cards

  2. 2.Process payroll (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)

  3. 3.Generate State and Federal payroll reports (period, quarterly, annually)


  1. 1.Record Deposits

  2. 2.Enter Credit Card Charges

  3. 3.Reconcile Accounts


  1. 1.Trial Balance

  2. 2.Profit & Loss

  3. 3.Balance Sheet

  4. 4.General Ledger

  5. 5.Statement of Cash Flows

  6. 6.Any other reports necessary for you and/or your accountant.

        Year-End Preparation:

  1. 1.W-2 Preparation

  2. 2.1099 Preparation

  3. 3.Electronic Data File Preparation for Accountant

        One time Services:

  1. 1.Set-up of Chart of accounts

  2. 2.Set-up of inventory

  3. 3.Set-up of items & services

Our services can be customized to your companies needs. Our goal is to make sure your company has exactly the services it needs.

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Contact Information

Sales Manager:    Kevin Spake

Office Phone:     (916) 723-7029

Fax Number:      (866) 594-0847