Alchemy Billing, LLC.


Our billing services personnel review claims for accuracy and compliant supporting documentation, submit claims to appropriate insurances, apply reimbursement payments to appropriate accounts, and submit appeals as necessary. We don’t get paid unless our clients do. Consequently, that makes us highly motivated to ensure accurate and compliant claims submitted quickly and efficiently.

A billing relationship with Alchemy Billing allows you to maintain control of your data while making sure your claims are processed accurately and timely. There is no software to buy. Using your system and software set-up, we work with your clerical and sales staff to ensure that claims efficiently navigate the complex maze of DME reimbursement. Navigate to Client Relations to see how it works.

We have knowledgable and experienced staff to help your company grow and build revenue.

We have an expert on hand to handle any EDI and/or computer issues related to billing that you might have. We can assist you in the set-up of electronic remittance notices and additional electronic payers.  Alchemy Billing works hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

By out sourcing your billing to us, we can relieve you of the worries associated with an in house billing staff and let you concentrate on running and expanding your business.


Alchemy Billing Services

Billing Services

  1. -Claims Review

  2. -Claims Submission

  3. -Cash Posting

  4. -Appeals

Client Relations

Alchemy Billing personnel login to Client’s systems to bill claims.

Medicare Resources

  1. -Medicare Region A

  2. -Medicare Region B

  3. -Medicare Region C

  4. -Medicare Region D